Feels like home – bevoled Cape Town!

Do you know this feeling when you return to a place and get overwhelmed by the sense of coming home? It happens to me every time I return to Cape Town. I smile, I hop and I cry at the same time. And that’s although it has been 15 years since I’ve lived here for twelve wonderful months. It’s not that I come here often. In fact it took me five years to return for the first time and then another eight until the second time. I think it was because I feared it wouldn’t be the same again coming back as a mere visitor and without being with the friends I made (who moved to different places). But coming back in 2015 I finally realized that this most important feeling will never fade: the sensation of coming home. I don’t know what it is exactly. Probably because, although things change, everything feels so familiar. I jump into a rental car and I easily switch to driving on the left. I turn on KFM 94.5, sing along and I know my way without GPS. And I feel embraced by the vastness of the landscape and the sky, and the loveable Capetonians. You think I romanticize? No. I’m well aware of the downsides, especially of how hard it is to make a living for so many people who live here. But I can’t help it. It still feels like home and I am very grateful for that.
This time (March 2017) I spent eleven wonderful days with my brother and his family in Hout Bay.
As a tribute to the Mother City and the Cape Peninsula I’ll share some of my pics with you in the coming days. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

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