Home sweet home

After exactly 4 months I made my way back home. I arrived in Hamburg friday night, coming from Lima, 120 days after I left for New Zealand. It was a fabulous adventure and I  could have easily kept on travelling, even though I admit that I would have needed a break, that is to spend a while in one place.

I had no reason for this journey other than that I longed for a break from work and that the wish for a longer trip had always occupied my mind. I enjoyed every minute of it! Would I do it again? For sure, any time!!!

I feel blessed that I had the possibility and the means for this exciting journey that once again broadened my horizon in so many ways. I am grateful for the enriching encounters with the many wonderful people that crossed my path or travelled with me for a while or even hosted me. And I am overwhelmed by the beauty of nature in all its facets and I hope we’ll be able to conserve it for generations to come.

Coming back to Germany made me realize how incredibly green this country is, in particular at this time of the year. And bright yellow, thanks to the many rapeseed fields. And clean, and organized (traffic!). On the friday evening flight from Düsseldorf to Hamburg, however, were many business people dressed up in their suits, all trying to look important and busy, talking over the phone and writing emails. And all I could think was “why don’t you all relax a little and take it easy?!?”.

So what does it feel like, coming home after four months of travelling? I feel  incredibly relaxed, happy, serene! “Fröhlich und gelassen”, I’d say in german. It feels good :-)!

Did I miss anything? No. Nothing. I thought I’d miss my own bed but I didn’t. However, I’m really happy to see all my friends and family again! What a wonderful welcome you gave me :-)! Thank you all for following me on my trip through the posts that I’ve written.

I might continue writing in one way or another, although I guess my life won’t continue being as exciting. And I still owe you a couple of blog entries on Bolivia and Peru (I am lagging behind), which I will upload in the next couple of days.

8.1.2015: Die Hühner sind gesattelt

Hamburg- Elbe.
Hamburg- Elbe.

The “chicken are saddled”, I’m ready  to leave! Finished just in time. Took me longer than I thought, cause I had to organize my apartment – luckily I found someone to housesit after all! Good Bye beautiful Hamburg, I’ll be back in 120 days!