Coroico, 14 April 2015: View from Hotel Esmeralda


Coroico – relaxing in the Yungas

A surprisingly comfortable night bus brought us to La Paz and we escaped the city straight away by taking a Minibus down to Coroico. Within 1.5 hours you drop 3500m down (Coroico is on  1700m), and from temperatures close to zero (on the pass) to more pleasant 28° C. Can you imagine the dramatic change of scenery from snowcapped mountains to jungle green!?!20150416_09383120150416_09562520150416_102257 I’m glad I did not take a bycicle down the famous death road,  though. It was scary enough to watch the cyclists from the car. But local transport isn’t necessarily a safer option. On our way back up, three days later, we saw a Minibus that went over the edge. Luckily it got stuck in some bushes on the steep slope. The locals in our car said it happens frequently because the drivers fall asleep…

We came to the so called Yungas with the intention to digest the overflow of impressions gathered on the past the days on our tour to Uyuni, but where overwhelmed with yet more impressions. Hotel Esmeralda was just the right spot for that task: a room with a view,  a pool and sunshine.20150415_09161120150416_07124020150415_10004820150415_095955




On day two, though, we got restless and went for a ride with a local collectivo to a beautiful waterfall from where we walked back to town.


Backpacker-schlepp… 20150416_074158deserved streetfood for breakfast: mini Empanadas20150416_08183320150416_08182320150416_081847