Sydney, 5 February 2015: Opera House


Cycling through Sydney – the Rocks to Cogee return

My butt hurts! No wonder, I have been cycling through Sydney for about 5 hours and I haven’t been cycling in 3 months… it was great though! I rented a well maintained 21 gear bike at ” Bonza bikes ” in the heart of the Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney, which is located btw Opera and Harbour Bridge. The YHA Harbour is the only budget accommodation in this pretty area and offers superb views from the rooftop terrace. I took off rather late (12ish) and started the tour by driving along the coastline, passing the Opera House and the Botanical Garden, riding along Woolloomooloo Bay, Bushcutters Bay, Double Bay and Rose Bay  (the latter three with countless yachts) 20150206_125126and then cut through to Bondi Beach20150206_134339, which is large, but not all that appealing. It took me a while to accept that riding on the coastal path south wasn’t such a great idea. It wasn’t that crowded, but there are plenty of steps and although the bike was light it was annoying to carry it up and down.20150206_144955 Making my way round on the streets, though, usually meant that I had to go further uphill… Hell, yeah, Syney is hilly!! Passing through Tamarama Beach, Bronte Beach, Waverly Cemetary, Clovelly Bowling Club 20150206_145455 (Bowling? It looked like boule with bigger boules! On the grass! Three fields! Crazy.) and Clovelly Beach I finally stopped at Cogee Beach, which is quite big, but not as bustling as Bondi. Instead of joining the sunbathers on the beach I decided to take a dip in Wylies Pool20150206_171405, a saltwater rockpool at the southern end of the bay.20150206_155119 It was magical! I took five rounds surrounded by a few locals and couldn’t believe my luck. 20150206_163049So refreshing in every sense! I must have spent over an hour there before I headed back to Bronte, cutting through to Queens Park, Centennial Park, down Oxford road and through Hyde Park, ending up at the Opera House20150206_192346. It’s weird, but as a cyclist I feel so much more like a local. It made me feel like I belong here and know my way (well, thankfully I’m able to read a map). What’s true, though, is that by cycling through a city you get to see a lot at the right pace and definitely a lot more than the ordinary tourist. I really wouldn’t mind staying here for a longer while. I LIKE this city!

What a wonderful day!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful day!

The day before I did something you shouldn’t do as a traveler: I bought myself a dress (I know, more luggage. Something else will have to be thrown out… and I will most probably get rid of it in Buenos Aires, because I won’t really wear it thereafter). It was my birthday present and it did it’s job: it made me feel special yesterday! And I even got a compliment for it from a random lady on the street. 20150205_151551

Plus, two people individually took a guess at my age this week  and came up with 31/32! Apparently travelling is doing me good…!

I am in Sydney for a week and I’m glad I was here for my birthday. It has a special vibe to it. Yesterday I took the ferry to manly and enjoyed beautiful views of the city. 20150205_123704 I took a stroll at the beach, watching the surfers (plenty) and even some beachvolleyball players and chilled at a café. 20150205_134404It was wonderfully warm and I was grateful for the clouds as the sun can be really scorching. I headed back in the afternoon to get ready fo the night out: I took myself to the opera! Madame Butterfly! It was most enjoyable. Not only 20150205_185258did I like the play and the opera house, which is truly a masterpiece, it was elevating to see the harbour dipped in light and the ships going by while sipping a glas of sparkling wine (or two, for the occasion). When it was finished I walked home through the pleasant evening air, the full moon rising behind the opera house.20150205_225029_LLS


P.S. Of course “the golden ones” had their performance again!