Buenos Aires, 5 March 2015: Palermo Street Art


Buenos Aires

Three days are faaaar to short for a visit of Buenos Aires! Yet that is what I had planned and I wasn’t going to change the dates on my RTW-Ticket as I want to see lots more in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. I stayed at a wonderful cozy B&B in Palermo Viejo with only four rooms, an amazing host and a delightful breakfast!20150304_225247 Palermo Viejo is a vibrant neighbourhood with many old buildings, nice cafés and shops and a very pleasant vibe. 20150305_14581120150305_161531I spent a lovely afternoon roaming around. 20150305_151056

On friday I was kindly invited for lunch by an old business friend of my father. I must admit that it felt a bit awkward, especially when he called his assistant to see if she could show me around town the next day. But as it turned out she is my age and we got along very well and really enjoyed the day. And I could finally fire all my questions about the ecomical crisis, politics and life in Argentina in general at a local. Thank you so much, P.! Hope to be back some time soon!

P.S. Here is something for the lovers of weird signs: 20150305_144546What is that supposed to mean? Watch out, office people late for work hastily crossing the street?!