Solo travelling at its best: you can make a fool of yourself any time and no one cares. I won’t tell the story though, cause I’d rather keep these foolish moments to myself. But I’m sure you know what it feels like…

Arriving in Melbourne on Friday shortly before midnight helped me realize that don’t have any proper outfit to hit the night. Apparently, I should have brought a colourful miniskirt and white (!) plateau sandals. So I called it a day and got up early to explore the yet empty alleys and Cafes. 


20150110_183552 20150110_131557 20150110_112841 20150110_110756 20150110_112756

3 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. … I wonder if you’d mind to pose in a colourful miniskirt, wearing white plateau sandals for a pic to improve on visualisation …? 😀


  2. Traveling by train home from home meaning albstadt to Munic.
    No need to take a book or magazine I got your blog. This is so much better!!!
    Thank you for beatiful landscapes…I dream myself away. 😎

    Alles Gute Nachträglich meine Liebe!!


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