The golden flip flops (aka jandals)

One of the hardest decisions in preparing for the journey was the “shoe question”. I know, I know, women and shoes… My goal was a 15 kg backpack. In the end it was 15,6 kg and that’s because – after careful consideration and consultation with friends (I was careful to only ask the less outdoorsy and more city related friends to get the right answer ;-)) – I packed a third pair of flip flops: the golden ones. I was absolutely not sure how often I’d wear them. But, even though we did focus on the outdoors in NZ, they already had three performances. So I can definitely recommend  “to go for gold”!

PS: for some reason New Zealanders call flip flops “jandals”. They are a bit weird sometimes ;-).

4 thoughts on “The golden flip flops (aka jandals)

  1. … phhhh …. women (and shoes) … ;o) … did you ever consider re-titling your blog … i. e. “Around the world in 80 pairs of flip-flops” … or … “Nina and the seven-league flip-flops” … or … “Walk a mile in my flip-flops” …?! :o)


    1. The golden ones arefor special occasions only! I’ve really worn my trekking shoes most and already washed and waxed them three times…


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