Once again I was amazed as to the friendliness of the Kiwis – I’d  like to call it the kiwiness. It endet as it started: with a very friendly customs officer. Have you ever met a customs officer with a friendly nature and a smile on his face chit chatting with you about your vacation, the weather, his country and if you’ve enjoyed being there? Well,  it has certainly only happened to me in NZ and I still can’t get over it!

Not quite the same, but similar: I took the bus #29 from the Christchurch  airport back into town when we had dropped off the car. The driver listened to opera which gave the bus ride a whole new experience. At some stage he turned around and shouted to the back of the bus: “the lady who bought the return ticket, where do you want to get off?” I shouted my station and that’s where he stopped for me – I didn’t have to keep track or press the “stop” button! He even showed me the direction to the YHA. Perfect!

2 thoughts on “Kiwiness

  1. Dear Nina,
    We would like to send You greetings because You are very dear to us. Have a wonderful Birthday and enjoy it as much as possible. We are thinking of You and wish You all the best, especially regarding the rest of your RTW trip … !

    The RK-GK bunch 🙂


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