Southamerican “hideaways”

I know I’m incredibly lucky with the time and region that I grew up in. I did not have to worry about anything when I was a kid and in fact there is not too much to worry about ever since I’ve grown up. One thing I’m really grateful for,  for example, is my own space. I always had my own room in my parents house where I could hide away. As a twen I shared a flat at Uni and I still had my own room and after that I’ve always had my own apartment. While travelling through (parts of) South America I saw tons of teens and twens that were making out in the parks, at the beach or on any bench they could find – because they don’t have their own space at home (or aren’t allowed to make out there). Twens still live at home with the family and will most likely only move out once they get married (or a well paid job and open minded parents). While I’m glad it’s socially accepted to openly make out in parks I couldn’t help to think about where they’d go if it’s too cold outside our if they want to become more serious. As it turns out,  there are certain “love motels” in Argentina and Chile, for example, where rooms are rented by the hour and where teens and twens – amongst others – meet when they still don’t have their own apartments. Interesting concept,  but pretty expensive, I guess?! I haven’t really come across one yet,  but apparently they are all over…

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