“Tour de Uyuni” – from San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni

We, 17 people, most of whom I already knew because we’d stayed at the same hostel in San Pedro, hopped onto a bus just after sunrise at 7.30 am and were driven to the Chilean border control outside of San Pedro. Like all other vehicles we were to wait there for around two hours before allowed through, because there had been an accident somewhere on the road and also because it was likely to rain, which usually means that the steep dirt road connecting Chile with Bolivia would be closed.

Finally, we were allowed to pass and for another hour or so we drove through no man’s land, passing the impressive Mt. Licancabur, IMG_20150428_170033until we finally reached the Bolivian border control in the middle of nowhere. It was windy and cold – no wonder, we had reached 4900m above sea level! There is almost only tourists crossing the border at this point, as it’s a major tourist route along the Bolivian / Chilean border and into the famous Salar de Uyuni! Six people plus driver fit into each 4×4 and so we were split up. We were extremely lucky with our driver, as none of the horror scenarios we’d heard so much about came true! It all went smoothly, no breakdowns, no drinking, no skipping sites – Edgar was an experienced driver and (no offence) was quite friendly for a Bolivian…

I am very glad that I agreed to take the tour a day earlier than planned, for I was rewarded with a great travelmate and friend. Thank you, Laura! Plus we had a great time with our fab four other Tour de Uyuni family members!






Three days of awesome scenery lay ahead of us:

Day 1)

Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde IMG_20150428_170055IMG_20150428_170142IMG_20150428_170243IMG_20150428_170339IMG_20150428_170435IMG_20150428_170518IMG_20150428_170603IMG_20150428_170642IMG_20150428_170756IMG_20150428_170841
















On the road







IMG_20150428_171221IMG_20150428_171311IMG_20150428_171245Laguna Chalviri and hot springs


Geyser Sol de Mañana






Laguna Colorada


It was bloody cold here. I was basically wearing everything I had: long John’s, trousers, rain trousers, short sleeve merino, long sleeve merino, merino jacket, doown west, rain jacket… the refugios at Laguna Colorada, where we spent our first night, are very simple. No showers, no heating. We really appreciated those extra sleeping bags on top of the three blankets. Outside, the temperature drops to -10° C at night!

Day 2)

Stone Tree and other rock formations IMG_20150429_101806IMG_20150429_101833



Cerros Pabelloncito and Agua de PerdizIMG_20150429_101931IMG_20150429_102003IMG_20150429_102026IMG_20150429_102110IMG_20150429_102203IMG_20150429_102225







Laguna HondaIMG_20150429_135838IMG_20150429_135908



Laguna HediondaIMG_20150429_140058IMG_20150429_140217IMG_20150429_140338IMG_20150429_140436IMG_20150429_140509







IMG_20150428_165953IMG_20150428_165934IMG_20150429_140538IMG_20150429_213322Cerro Sedilla




At the edge of the Salar (this night we spent at a more comfortable salt hotel)IMG_20150429_213415IMG_20150429_213514IMG_20150429_213547




Day 3)

Isla Incahuasi – watching the sunset over Salar de Uyuni IMG_20150429_213616IMG_20150429_213732IMG_20150429_213817












After breakfast activity : footballIMG_20150429_214407IMG_20150429_214614


Making ofIMG_20150429_214440IMG_20150429_214641




In the middle of the SalarIMG_20150429_215138IMG_20150429_214535IMG_20150429_214510IMG_20150429_215436IMG_20150429_215324IMG_20150429_215254IMG_20150429_215227IMG_20150429_215555IMG_20150429_215621IMG_20150429_215643IMG_20150429_215711IMG_20150429_215532










Salar covered by 3 cm of waterIMG_20150429_215825IMG_20150429_215849IMG_20150429_215917IMG_20150429_215941









…it was a truly marvellous adventure!

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