After two days in Santiago I had enough of the big city life and made my way to Valparaiso, which is only a two hour busride away at the coast. I instantly fell in love with this city because of

its colorful houses IMG_20150421_123906IMG_20150421_123836IMG_20150421_123929IMG_20150421_124046IMG_20150421_123624IMG_20150421_123531IMG_20150421_123213





the harbour,IMG_20150421_123039






the incredible graffiti paintings,IMG_20150421_124157IMG_20150421_124137IMG_20150421_124020IMG_20150421_123954IMG_20150421_123715IMG_20150421_123647IMG_20150421_124222







the magnificent views IMG_20150421_124307IMG_20150421_123312IMG_20150421_123244IMG_20150421_123146IMG_20150421_123014






and its relaxed vibe.IMG_20150421_124246IMG_20150421_124111









While it’s easy to explore the town on foot I again recommend to do the free walking tour (tour for tips), simply because you get loads of information about the city, its inhabitants, the graffiti and places to eat and drink – all from a “Porteño” (a person from Valparaiso). While some parts of the city are considered unsafe, it is very safe to walk around Cerro Allegre and Cerro Conception, where almost all hostels are located.

For a delicious meal with a great view go to “Fauna”, their roof terrace is amazing and there are lots of locals, too. Another great spot for dinner is “Vinilo”. For coffee and cake in a cute little garden go to “Café Flora”. (All on Cerro Conception)

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